Episode #2: Creating a 90 day strategy for your biz and life.

Designing your 90 days is so important for you. 

Knowing what you’re going to do every day and then setting those tasks, so that you wind up meeting your goals 90 days from now. 

The number one thing I hear is people don’t know what to do in their business when they sit down at their desk, open up the laptop. They wind up getting overwhelmed by all of the things. 

Remember the enemy to confidence and motivation is confusion and uncertainty. So by having your 90 day strategy mapped out, you’re being proactive versus being reactive, this is your kryptonite, y’all. Because that’s what’s going to lead you to living the life you dream of. 

BTW… Here’s the link to all the things mentioned today & more! https://thefemfluencers.com/links

We’re going to be discussing this more in the group cause I know you’re going to have questions and I don’t want to leave you hanging. I want to help you with anything that’s popping up with creating your 90 day strategy. So come on over there and let’s continue our discussion. 

All right. Cheers. Y’all.

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